HOPS Linux Server

HOPS required a reliable server to host essential business applications. This server was crucial for hosting the client portal, generating nightly management reports, and facilitating an authorisation API to the MS SQL server.

HomeServe CMS

I developed a CMS that worked seamlessly with the existing templating system, enabling copy editors to log in, modify text, and manage revisions of site content.

PHP Support for HomeServe

I joined HomeServe as one of two contractors hired to support their legacy PHP application developed in the CakePHP framework. The decision was made to refactor the code in ASP.NET. Along with the other contractor, I collaborated with the existing PHP team to wind down the current application, address imminent issues, and assist in the early design stages of the new .NET solution. During my two years at HomeServe, I eventually led a team of two other PHP developers.

Mercia Servers

One of our initial tasks was to build and configure web, FTP, Usenet, and mail servers, each running on Linux-based PCs. This project required me to familiarise myself with early versions of many GNU and open-source packages, including Sendmail, WU-FTP, and Apache.