Quasar PEPS Module

As part of a small team of three, I developed the Quasar PEP (Personal Equity Plan) module, an investment instrument in the UK similar to a modern ISA. We managed the project through its full life cycle, including screen design, module coding, unit and integration testing, and writing user manuals.


I joined a small team tasked with modernizing the software by adding a contemporary MS Windows front-end. I proposed running the existing application in “server mode” and using a Windows client to feed it keystrokes. Mumps procedures interfaced with Windows requests, sending appropriate keystrokes to the legacy code. The output from the legacy code was intercepted to automatically generate and cache Windows dialogues.

Quasar Support

Quasar featured a core system with general functions and libraries of reusable procedures, along with numerous modules offering various client features, which were sold and supported individually.