Developer at FireTech – Kiosk Student Registration System

FireTech provided tech courses for kids aged 8-17 through a year-round program, delivering over 8,000 learning experiences across the UK, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, and the Middle East.

To enhance child safety during courses, I developed a student registration system for FireTech. This system, designed to run in kiosk mode in a browser or compiled into a native Android app using Apache Cordova. It featured:

  • On-premises student check-in and check-out.
  • QR scanning powered by client-side JavaScript libraries.
  • A dedicated back-end server to support multiple client connections while being offline which runs on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Ability to sync with the company’s main database when an internet connection was available.
  • Record detailed attendance data for child safety

The project was a success and was subsequently used at all FireTech in-person courses.