The Lesson Space monitoring at MyTutor

MyTutor is a UK-based online platform dedicated to one-to-one learning. Through a curated community of tutors, they provide personalised learning experiences to their customers.

MyTutor relies extensively on an external SaaS service to deliver their online lessons. This project aimed to implement robust monitoring to quickly detect any service downtime or performance degradation.

The monitoring strategy includes:

  • Using ping alerts to escalate network and HTTP errors
  • Performing regular API checks to validate the functionality of main API endpoints by sending test payloads and verifying responses.
  • Conducting daily checks on past lesson attendance to ensure successful tutor and student participation.
  • Testing lesson playback URLs to confirm availability for customers.

The monitoring activities are orchestrated through GitHub Actions and AWS Lambda functions. Any issues are passed for escalation via AWS CloudWatch. A daily report is distributed to a dedicated Slack channel, and CSV and HTML reports are generated and stored in AWS S3.