Pirates Arcade Game

This was a maze based game similar to pac-man which I wrote for the BBC Micro. The game was based in a simple street plan. The sprite of a person, who is a software pirate (!) would leave a house and visit the shop to buy a game. They would then visit a different house to copy the game. They and another person would then leave the house and head to different houses to make more copies. The player plays a policeman and had to intercept the pirates copying the games. The pirates would then be banished to prison for a period of time, before returning to their house to be available for software piracy again. The policeman player also was occasionally pursued by a stray dog too, which he could delay by throwing down sausages.

The game did not sell but I had lots of fun writing it! I also still remember the method I used for allowing the characters to navigate the maze in reasonably short routes despite dead-ends and loops etc.