Jaguar VMS Support

In 1999 I started working for a company who provided support to Jaguar cars. Later Jaguar employed me as a contractor directly.

Through my time at Jaguar my main role was supporting the production VMS systems. I was responsible for all issues relating to the operating system and layered products supporting the production application (OPCON). This included:

  • Networking configuration
  • Disk Shadowsets
  • Application program development
  • Operating installs and patches
  • File system journals
  • Backups (System and Application)
  • Hardware configuration
  • Disaster recovery planning

The hardware consisted of a cluster of four Alpha 1000’s running OpenVMS 7.1. Three shadowsets provided shared reliable storage for the application and operating system.

Following one particular system upgrade, I received a personal letter of commendation from the CEO of Jaguar.